Leading Virtually


Leading Virtually. Globalization, technology, work life balance, and outsourcing have created a workplace where leaders rarely see the individuals they lead. Managing teams in different time zones, countries, or remote locations requires a disciplined approach to help people work together effectively without face-to-face contact.

This one-day leadership program recognizes that  there are lots of challenges to being a great virtual leader. The training teaches leaders how to overcome these challenges by focussing on critical success factors for virtual teams. The disciplines outlined in this program help virtual leaders effectively choose how they interact with direct reports to help create more satisfied and loyal employees.

Leading Virtually


  • Gain insights into the challenges of virtual leadership
  • Reinforce leadership skills and their use in a virtual environment
  • Develop action plans for leading virtually back on the job
  • Connect with virtual team members and stay focused on their development

A variety of interactive, table team, and group activities

Target group
Leaders and team leads who are faced with effectively leading people in remote locations


Seminarzeiten // 1-Tages-Seminar
Schulungstag von 10:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

1. Halbjahr 2. Halbjahr
Berlin 12.04.2022 13.10.2022
Erfurt 15.03.2022 04.10.2022
Frankfurt 28.02.2022 31.08.2022
Friedrichshafen 23.05.2022 14.11.2022
Hamburg 10.02.2022 18.08.2022
Hannover 12.05.2022 21.11.2022
Kassel 02.05.2022 10.10.2022
Köln 28.03.2022 12.09.2022
Leipzig 09.05.2022 03.11.2022
Magdeburg 17.02.2022 05.09.2022
München 02.03.2022 22.09.2022
Münster 22.06.2022 05.12.2022
Nürnberg 24.01.2022 21.07.2022
Oldenburg 13.01.2022 07.07.2022
Rostock 15.06.2022 12.12.2022
Stuttgart 29.06.2022 16.12.2022

Seminargebühr / Person 820,– € zzgl. MwSt.
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  • ausführliche Seminarunterlagen, Schreibblock und Stifte
  • qualifiziertes Teilnehmerzertifikat
  • ausgewählte Seminar-Hotels
  • Mittagessen (Lunchbuffet oder 3-Gang-Menü)
  • zwei Kaffeepausen vormittags und nachmittags mit Obst und Snacks
  • unbegrenzte Tagungsgetränke

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Leading Virtually

Preis: 820,00€ zzgl. MwSt.

Buchungsnummer: P10.6