New in leadership role: from colleague to boss


New in leadership role: from colleague to boss. From within the team to being the manager of the team: with your new position you are facing numerous challenges. You now need to lead your former colleagues. At the same time, you need to fulfil the expectations and objectives from higher management. In order to enable your direct reports to reach their objectives and in order to empower and motivate your direct reports, you need to know which behaviors and strategy are key. Right from the beginning. Master the transition optimally so that you position yourself as a leader successfully as soon as possible.

Practice your new role together with other line managers facing similar challenges. Learn how to define yourself in your new role as line manager.

New in leadership role: from colleague to boss

Your new leadership role

  • master the transition: what tasks and challenges are you facing? learn about different leadership styles and how to use them situationally
  • develop your own leadership style

Crucial leadership tools

  • agreement on goals and goal conversations
  • One-on-Ones as important leadership tool
  • clarify expectations on both sides, secure acceptance

Challenging situations

  • first 100 days: avoid typical mistakes
  • from colleague to boss: potential difficulties imminent to role transition
  • how to delegate to former colleagues
  • balance between trust and control
  • leadership communication in difficult situations: giving and receiving feedback
  • diagnosing, analyzing and resolving conflicts
  • do’s and dont’s

Foster performance

  • foster your direct reports’ potential: bringing the best out of everyone
  • motivation: what triggers your direct reports?

Trainer input, individual and group work, self-reflection, systemic approach for your own real work scenarios

Target group
First Line Managers, newly promoted to a line management position or ready to be promoted


Seminarzeiten // 2-Tages-Seminar
1. Schulungstag von 10:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr
2. Schulungstag von 09:00 Uhr bis 16:30 Uhr

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New in leadership role: from colleague to boss

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