Lateral Leadership: Leading without formal authority


Lateral Leadership: Leading without formal authority. Leading without direct line authority is a particular challenge. Without formal power, you need to influence colleagues and peers. In order to succeed, you need to have task-related expertise as well as personal competence. Together we are going to analyze during this one-day training how you can fufill this role as effectively as possible. We highlight topics like communication, motivation, feedback, resolving conflicts and identification with your role.

Lateral Leadership: Leading without formal authority

Basics of lateral leadership

  • Which leadership tools to use?
  • Leading cooperatively and acting situationally
  • How do I secure recognition and acceptance?
  • How to manage my role with self-confidence

Communication as crucial leadership tool

  • How to delegate appropriately in a result-oriented manner
  • How to give feedback – the right way
  • Leadership communication: constructive and motivating

Positions, Roles and Personalities in the team

  • Different roles and personalities
  • How to influence teams in a positive way: How to motivate team members?
  • How to gain acceptance from all team members

Dealing with difficult situations

  • How to get demotivated team members back on board
  • How to identify and manage stakeholders
  • How to prevent and resolve conflicts
  • How to avoid typical mistakes

Trainer input, individual and group work, plenary discussions, exercises, feedback, case studies or real life examples from participants

Target group
All individual contributors who lead based on expertise without formal line authority


Seminarzeiten // 1-Tages-Seminar
Schulungstag von 10:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

1. Halbjahr 2. Halbjahr
Berlin 28.02.2022 11.08.2022
Erfurt 12.04.2022 01.11.2022
Frankfurt 15.02.2022 31.08.2022
Friedrichshafen 17.01.2022 28.07.2022
Hamburg 09.06.2022 05.12.2022
Hannover 02.05.2022 06.10.2022
Kassel 12.05.2022 28.11.2022
Köln 21.04.2022 31.10.2022
Leipzig 22.06.2022 12.12.2022
Magdeburg 07.02.2022 05.09.2022
München 19.05.2022 14.11.2022
Münster 24.01.2022 10.08.2022
Nürnberg 20.06.2022 15.12.2022
Oldenburg 09.03.2022 04.10.2022
Rostock 04.05.2022 01.12.2022
Stuttgart 17.03.2022 26.09.2022

Seminargebühr / Person 820,– € zzgl. MwSt.
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Lateral Leadership: Leading without formal authority

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